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Blocks Of _

Blocks Of _ is all about finding the meditative moments in daily mundane tasks. Nineteen looks or “uniforms” were designed specifically for a block of time or a moment that happens to most of us every single day. Six of them were made from upcycled bed sheets and the remaining 13 were digitally rendered using the software program Maya. Moments explored were ones such as brushing your teeth, washing your face, making the bed, checking your email, doing the dishes, making tea, and more. 

Blocks Of _ is about bringing full focused energy to tasks that tend to go unnoticed. If this is done, it will dramatically improve the quality of your life.

The point of highlighting these typically looked over tasks, is that I believe if more focus and awareness is brought to them, this deeper awareness will permeate into larger areas of life, such as your relationships, your work, or your hobbies. This is what the butterfly effect is.

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