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As an experienced art and fashion professional with over a decade of expertise, I offer you my specialized guidance to help you craft a portfolio that will make a lasting impression. With in-depth knowledge of various artistic disciplines and a keen eye for detail, I will provide you with practical feedback and insights to elevate your portfolio to the next level.

As an industry expert, I understand the importance of professionalism in the art and fashion world. I will work closely with you to curate a portfolio that reflects your unique artistic style and technical skills, while also adhering to the specific requirements of each university you are applying to. From selecting the strongest pieces to organizing them in a cohesive layout, I will ensure that your portfolio is polished and well-presented.

Moreover, I will provide you with constructive feedback on your artwork, helping you refine your technical skills, composition, and overall artistic approach. I will also assist you in effectively communicating your artistic concepts and thought process through your portfolio, so that your application demonstrates your artistic vision and potential to admissions committees.

With my insider knowledge of what universities look for in a portfolio, you can trust that your application will stand out among the competition. Let me be your mentor and guide as you navigate the portfolio application process and work towards gaining acceptance into your desired university. Contact me today to unlock your artistic potential and create a winning portfolio!

Please email me for more information:

Portfolio Consulting


Margaret Liu

University of the Arts London 28'

I was struggling to make a portfolio for UAL to the point where I didn’t even know where to start, luckily I got introduced to Abby and her help and guidance were amazing. She is so fun and so encouraging so my doubts about getting into my university and my portfolio lowered a lot! The final body of work that I built was great. I fortunately got into UAL and a big part of that happening is because of abby. I recommend her and her program heavily because she makes the process so fun and exciting!

Parsons School of Design 28'

Before starting to work with Abby I felt or was feeling lost and had no idea where to start building my portfolio. I decided to work with her because I didn’t understand what was being looked for in a Portfolio or the complicated and overwhelming application process of each school. Her system was incredibly helpful and gave me a lot of input, clarification, and help. The final body of work that I built was absolutely perfect and tailored to each school. I now feel that I have accomplished exactly what I wanted and would recommend this program to anyone! 

Brown University 27'

Applying to university was already stressful, but adding a portfolio on top of it made it so much scarier, and I had no idea how to curate one. Even after my first session with Abby, I already felt less stressed and able to manage my portfolio. She was so willing to help in every step of the process and her positive energy really helped me step back and see that it wasn't as stressful as I was making it out to be. I don't think I would have felt even half as confident in submitting my portfolio if I hadn't worked with Abby. I learned so much about what goes into a portfolio as a whole and feel super prepared for the next time I'll have to make one.

Jawhara Hafez

Ash Lassonde

Graeme Mounsey

Parsons School of Design 24'

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Abby since freshman year- when I first met her she was the Arts Prefect of our high school. When it came time to apply for art school, Abby’s advice and consultation was crucial in helping me conceptualize, construct and curate my portfolio. Art school applications differ heavily from those of other programs, and I couldn’t be more thankful I had Abby to guide me through it all.

Cornell University 27'

I had always been intimidated by the idea of creating a portfolio. However, in my first meeting with Abby Gaskin, I was greeted by someone passionate and receptive who changed my feelings on the subject immediately. From the very beginning, Abby was invested in my success. At every moment in our meetings, she gave her full attention to my work. Her encouraging yet honest feedback was a perfect match for my academic ambitions. When I reached out for support outside of scheduled meetings, Abby was prompt and positive in her responses. She can be trusted to attend all meetings not only on time, but also with drive and a smile.

Maddy Djuk

Parsons School of Design 25'

Abby helped me find new techniques for identifying and prioritizing the right ideas and validating them within my portfolio. I highly recommend Abby if you’re looking to energize your work, understand your process, and build a cohesive collection of work.

Charlie McDonell

Angelina Fanne

Parsons School of Design 23'

Abby’s advice was one of the critical factors that got me into Parsons. Abby was the only person I knew that got into Parsons at that time. However, I did not know her personally. I talked to Abby and asked if she could look at my portfolio. She kindly offered to meet me somewhere to show her my portfolio. As someone with two years of experience at one of the best design schools, Abby helped me pick out the pieces with unique aesthetic and suitable compositions. I am very grateful to have Abby as a mentor, now as a friend and as a creative partner in the future.

Max Paganelli

George Brown College 25'

Abby was an outstanding art portfolio consultant for school applications, providing expert guidance on curating and presenting your artwork to create a strong and visually appealing portfolio that would impress admission committees. 

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