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How Could We Know This Is Not Exactly What We Need?


This painting portrays a living kitchen that grows organically in various directions, inspired by the concept of metabolism in architecture. I aimed to create a literal representation of the manifesto of buildings being "alive" by portraying the kitchen as if it had a mind of its own, questioning the traditional role of architects in pre-designing for a future that may not align with the needs and desires of the users of the space. The painting incorporates themes from Jun'ichirō Tanizaki's text, In Praise of Shadows, and Arata Isozaki's text, Japan-ness in Architecture, with seemingly random objects such as a masquerade mask prompting the observer to generate their own assumptions and come up with new meanings out of context.

Acrylic Paint ~  36" x 36"

Temagami Tree 1

This abstract painting of a tree was inspired by a camping trip in Temagami, Ontario. The painting uses vibrant colors and waving lines to convey the energy and movement of the tree, as it sways in the wind amidst the vastness of the surrounding land. The abstract style allows the viewer to experience the energy waves radiating off of the tree, evoking a sense of deep connection between all of the elements in the natural world. Overall, the painting attempts to capture the powerful and inspiring beauty of the Canadian wilderness.

Acrylic Paint ~  24" x 36"

Temagami Tree 2


This piece is the second painting in my series inspired by a camping trip to Temagami, Ontario. It too was made with the intention of capturing the energy and movement of the natural world.

Acrylic Paint ~  10" x 14"

Two Frogs


This charcoal drawing portrays two wind-up plastic frogs that appear to be organically growing out of each other. The intricate detailing of the frogs' mechanical parts and the organic elements creates a surreal, dreamlike effect. The contrast of the black charcoal against the white paper adds to the drawing's stark and striking imagery. Overall, the drawing evokes a sense of wonder and curiosity, inviting the viewer to contemplate the relationship between man-made objects and the natural world, and what a blend of the two might look like. 

Charcoal on Paper ~  18" x 24"

Tied Up Tall


This sculpture was made to metaphorically safeguard the skull, provide essential support to the neck, and reinforce the ligaments connecting the head, neck, and spine in a futuristic headpiece of a fictional ruler. With these functional needs in mind, I considered every element of the design process to create a sculpture that not only looked visually appealing but also served an important practical purpose.

Metal Pipe, Yarn, Wire

7.5 Eyes


This drawing explores the liquidity and impermanence of identity through the depiction of four faces morphing and growing out of each other. I aimed to create a sense of movement and depth that makes the image appear alive and dynamic. By portraying the transformation of the faces, I sought to convey the interconnectedness of all beings and the ever-changing nature of the self.

Graphite on Paper ~  5" x 7"

Two Sides


This painting depicts two faces of the same person, facing away from each other, with no eyes. The lack of eyes gives a sense of anonymity and ambiguity, allowing the viewer to project their own emotions and interpretations onto the painting. The positioning of the two faces suggests a disconnect or conflict within the same person, representing the struggle between one's inner thoughts and outer appearance. 

Acrylic Paint ~  36" x 36"

House on The Corner


This is a painting of a house on a corner of my childhood street, with deep shadows cast by the surrounding trees. The empty windows and closed doors suggest a sense of isolation and distance, which resonates with the experience of living through the COVID-19 pandemic. The painting serves as a poignant reminder of the physical barriers that have separated us from one another during these times, despite our close proximity. It evokes a feeling of longing for connection and the hope that one day we will emerge from this period of isolation and reconnect with each other.

Acrylic Paint ~  14" x 14"

Home For Six Months

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 7.06.26 PM.png

This self-portrait captures my experience of being in a long lockdown with no clear end in sight. The muted colors and rough brushstrokes done with a sense of monotony and restlessness, reflecting my own feelings of boredom and uncertainty during this time. My expression is blank, almost bored, as I stare out at the viewer, conveying a sense of detachment and disconnection from the world around me.

Acrylic Paint ~  7" x 10"


Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 7.02.25 PM.png

This painting of oatmeal conveys a sense of warmth and comfort that comes from being at home with loved ones. The simple yet nourishing meal becomes a symbol of the deeper connections that food can foster, particularly during times of isolation and uncertainty. The use of earthy colors and soft brushstrokes evokes a sense of naturalness and simplicity, inviting the viewer to savor the moment and appreciate the beauty of the everyday. Overall, the painting celebrates the small but important pleasures of life, reminding us to find joy and gratitude in the midst of challenging circumstances.

Acrylic Paint ~  8" x 10"

Cathedral Ceiling


This graphite drawing of a cathedral ceiling in New York highlights the timeless beauty and strength of the architecture found in these structures. The age and durability of the lines within the ceiling served as a major inspiration for me, as they have withstood the test of time for centuries. Through the use of graphite, I was able to emphasize the contrast between light and dark areas of the ceiling, adding drama and depth to the final piece. Ultimately, my drawing celebrates the enduring power of architecture and serves as a reminder of the beauty and resilience of these majestic structures.

Graphite on Paper ~  24" x 18"

Orange Ink

IMG_8170 copy.jpg

Japanese Irezumi tattooing is renowned for its use of symbols to convey a message or tell a story on the body. In this series of oranges that I tattooed, I endeavored to emulate this tradition by crafting unique symbols on each fruit to create a decodable narrative using a provided index to decode the stories. Oranges were an ideal choice for this series due to their similarity to human skin, which allowed me to use them as a practice surface and to achieve a realistic tattooing process. 

Orange, Ink, Tattoo Gun

Nostril Extension


This plush headpiece sculpture extends the human nostrils. It  was carefully crafted to give the appearance of being soft and malleable, while also highlighting the tension and contrast between the plush materials and the organic forms of the human body. This headpiece invites viewers to question their assumptions about the body and its functions, challenging us to rethink what we consider to be "normal" or "natural." Through the use of texture, color, and form, I have created a playful yet unsettling work of art that encourages viewers to explore new perspectives of their existing and often unnoticed bodily functions. 

Fabric, Thread, Polyester Stuffing

Marley's Mat


I am inspired by the everyday objects that make up our world, often the most mundane household items. This piece is a graphite drawing of my dog's favorite mat, capturing the intricate patterns and textures that make it such a beloved item by her.The drawing is imbued with a sense of warmth and familiarity, evoking the cozy feeling of home and the special bond between my dog and her favorite place to rest.

Graphite ~  12" x 24"

Purple Face Blue Face


This painting depicts two faces in a deep state of trance or contemplation, with a color palette limited to blues and purples. The harmonious blend of these colors creates a moody and atmospheric composition, while the subtle variations in tone and hue add depth and texture. The use of blues and purples evokes a sense of introspection and mystery, inviting the viewer to contemplate the hidden depths of the psyche. 

Acrylic Paint ~  24" x 30"

Hella Jellys


This drawing is of a collection of my favorite items in high school. Being  reflected in a mirror as I reflected back on my experience during this time of my life, the items include my favorite shoes, stickers for the first brand I was developing, paintbrushes, and a gong. It is a celebration of the power of objects to capture our unique journeys and tell our stories.

Graphite ~  10" x 10"

Face Grid


This grid collage of my own face was created using mixed media techniques explores the idea of identity and self-representation, using a combination of photographs, paint, and other materials.The grid format of the collage invites the viewer to explore the many different facets of identity and personality, with each section of the image offering a different perspective and mood.

Mixed Media Collage ~  12" x 12"

Fine Art

Bakery and Butcher Shop


The painting features a charming bakery and butcher shop nestled side by side in a quaint little town named Oakville. The warm glow of the shops' interior lights spills out onto the street, giving the impression that they're welcoming customers in for a cozy experience. Despite the hustle and bustle of the town, there is a sense of serenity in the air. I have tried to capture this feeling through the use of soft, muted colours and gentle brushstrokes. Overall, the painting exudes a sense of tranquility and calm. It's the kind of place where one might linger, savoring the sights and smells of a simpler time. It's a slice of small-town life that feels both familiar and comforting, and the big blue sky overhead serves as a reminder of the beauty and vastness of the world beyond.

Acrylic Paint ~  24" x 24"

Blocks Of _ House

I created a virtual house using Maya 2020 to assist in organizing my collection of task-based uniforms in my "Blocks Of _" collection (please see the Fashion Design section to see the collection). The construction of this digital house utilized the same approach and system employed in the development of the garments themselves where each room within the house was meticulously designed for a very specific mundane task. To enhance the experience, I collaborated with Unity engineer, Alex Wang, to bring the model of the house into Unity, a popular gaming platform that enables users to walk through the virtual space from their own device.

Computer-Generated Imagery (Maya 2020)
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