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4 / ReDress Design Award


I was honored to be named a finalist in the esteemed 2019 Redress Design Awards, the world's largest sustainable fashion design competition, and to have my collection showcased during Hong Kong Fashion Week. Organized by Redress, this competition is dedicated to educating emerging fashion designers about sustainable design theories and techniques, with the goal of promoting a circular fashion system.

In my collection, I approached the design process with a focus on creating modular patterns that could be reassembled in different ways, extending the life of the garments. Using simple rectangles and looped yarn, I designed with sustainability in mind, allowing for disassembly and reassembly to create entirely new garments.

Being a part of the Redress Design Awards and showcasing my collection during Hong Kong Fashion Week was a truly humbling experience. It provided me with a global platform to showcase my passion for sustainable fashion and contribute to the transformation of the fashion industry towards sustainability. I am grateful for the opportunity to be recognized among the best designers and for the chance to drive positive change in the fashion world.

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